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About writing Trauma

Author's note

 Picture of Cynthia

I wrote the first three chapters of this book during a writing class in Amsterdam in October 2018--Let The Story Begin--offered by two authors and sisters, Eva and Renee Kelder.

The class ended in November 2018. After the writing class, I put the project on hold because I had to finish my novel, Vanished, published in July 2019.

After I finished Vanished, I took a short break until November 2019, when I decided to work on my next assignment, this book, Trauma.

Trauma is the result of many hours of research, collecting information on domestic violence--something I'll never understand--and about California wildfires, police procedures, and EMT responders.

After collecting enough information, I outlined the story before I put all the pieces together in a fictional setting.

From November 2019 until the end of December 2019, I worked on a chapter-by-chapter basis with my editor, Lee Ann. Then the pandemic happened: COVID-19. Everything came to a standstill, including my writing.

I picked up where I'd left off in July 2020, and wrote through to August 2020. Then the second wave of COVID-19 hit the world, with some countries suffering more than others.

Again I took a short break, until late October 2020, before I completed the book on Halloween.

During that time, I enjoyed the intensive contact with my editor and beta readers, and I would like to thank them all, in particular Lee Ann, for their hard work and suggestions.

Redrock, the Littlewood Orphanage, the Hill Hotel, Lynskey's pawn shop in Boston, and the Pancake World restaurant are, of course, fictional.

Cynthia Fridsma