Cynthia Fridsma - Writer

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New exciting thriller: Vanished

Vanished - A new exciting thriller by Cynthia Fridsma.

Medical Examiner Natalie Principal arrives at the crime scene to inspect a charred body. She informs the ATU-Anti Terrorism Unit-in Boston about a possible terrorist threat of a dirty bomb. As the investigation continues people vanish into thin air. A deadly race is about to begin.  

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Writting progress 

Hotel Of Death, horror -- done & published in 2015 100
The Black Widow, horror -- done & published in 2016 100
Ghost Stories, horror -- done & published in 2016 100
Help, horror  -- done & published in 2017         
The Lost Planet, science fiction -- done & published in 2017
Nightbird, horror  -- done & published in 2018 100
Vanished, thriller -- done & published in 2019 100
Susan in  progress 6